Our goal is to showcase the entire Trans-America Trail in a way that has yet to be done for the purpose of starting a conversation about largely unknown American adventures like this one. With a variety of skills and talents offered by our team, we will create the most visually stunning representation of the trail to date.

The Trans America Trail is a rare example of a great adventure for those who seek it within the United States of America. In our research to learn about the TAT we discovered that many people make the journey but few have created a true sense of what the trail is really like. It has been around for decades but remains very obscure to the general public to this day. Many adventurers take cameras and photograph the sights, but we want to create visuals and an outline of the trip that will connect you with this great trail in a way that has never been done. After spending months digging for any information we can find about the trail, we learned how hard it is to find relevant information and images with context. We don’t know of any professional photographer who has documented the entire length of the trail. We intend to change this.

The world should be aware of the incredibly unique opportunity this trail offers. By bringing this trail to light we hope to create a conversation to help support the trail for future generations to explore.

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Our team consists of a wide variety of talents, knowledge, and skills. Each of us is an important part to achieving this goal and brings a very unique set of skills. We will create a variety of photographs and video for the entire length of the trail.
There will be 4 different points of focus:

  • The riders and what is involved in taking on the TAT.
  • Landscapes that makeup the trail. Showcase the range of beauty offered by such a long trail.
  • Showing what each state and section of the trail offer. Since many parts of the trail can be ridden without trekking the entire 5,000 mile length.
  • Educating the public about what the TAT is and what it has to offer for those willing to seek it.

Departure date: June 1st 2016

We plan on spending, at least, the entire month of June traveling and documenting the TAT. We will be providing updates along the way via our blog. Upon our return we will spend several more months working through the images and video captured while dedicating a portion of this site to our experience of the TAT. Along our trip we hope to gain knowledge of the differences in they types of land and roads that are used. With this we will create the most complete and compelling database of the TAT knowledge.